About Us

  • We are a small group of programmers and artists who like to create games, we are fans of Japanese culture especially anime, we grew up to games like Final Fantasy VII and Drangon Quest, our objective is to create games with interesting stories where the player has a great experience of immersion in the game world, we do not want to make games for children, we want our games to have quality adult content, our goal is to provide the player with a sense of action during the gameplay accompanied by a narrative change according to the style of game
  • Imagine a game with AAA quality but with adult content, or a virtual reality game where you can live all your fantasies, we still have some way ahead to achieve this but we are focused and determined to achieve this goal
  • Games with a strong narrative component will always be one of our goals, in this initial phase we are focusing on 2d games per consumer, less time to do 3d games, however it is our goal in the future to develop for 3d and especially for 3d virtual reality, we are always looking for artists who like games as much as us and who want to collaborate in our projects, mainly artists 2d, 3d and programmers, if you are interested get in touch
  • life is just a game :)