Terms and conditions

  • Our users must be legally considered adults in their country of origin in order to play our games with adult content.
  • There is no refund after purchase of any of our games, however we promise to always have a demo of the game available for download for free so that the player can try the game, in games per episodes not all episodes will have demos but will be always a demo available for episode 1 so that they can experience the game.
  • It is prohibited to resell or publish digital copies of games (demos included) by any entity or person that does not part of the management of Snark multimedia.
  • Players are unable to bring any legal action to Snark multimeida or its members for the content contained in any of its games, demos, videos or publications of any kind of Snark multimedia.
  • streaming gameplay of the games should not exceed 20 minutes, since our games has a strong narrative component the full display of the game can be pregudica directly to snark multimedia.
  • The extraction and publication of any content of the games, such as images, videos, 3d objects, history and used without the explicit consent of the multimedia snark, is prohibited..
  • if you have any questions gets in touch
  • life is just a game :)